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Tow Truck Driver Seriously Injured On Hwy 401 In Milton This Morning

Photo Credit: Andrew Collins – Twitter Early this morning a transport truck went off the road and crashed into the ditch on Hwy 401, west of Hwy 25 in Milton. During the recovery operation, a heavy tow-truck operator suffered serious

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US Thanksgiving And Black Friday Store Hours

For those that will be heading over the border to take in some Black Friday shopping, here are the store hours for Thanksgiving (today) and Black Friday (tomorrow): 

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The Politicians Have Placed Their Grey Cup Bets

The Grey Cup is this Sunday in Ottawa. The Toronto Argonauts will take on the Calgary Stampeders. The premieres of Ontario and Alberta have made a bet but it’s not exactly a ‘high-stakes’ one. Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne and Alberta’s Rachel

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[Video] Cheesecake Factory Has Released A Line Of Mixes So Anyone Can Make Their Desserts At Home

Legendary Cheesecake restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory has announced they are releasing a line of mixes so that anyone can make their signature dessert items in their own home. In a release on their website, Cheesecake Factory says, “Since we can’t

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This Guy Will Launch Himself Into Space This Weekend To Prove The Earth Is Flat

This weekend “Mad” Mike Hughes, a 61-year-old limo driver will attempt to launch himself into the atmosphere to prove the Earth is flat. Highes has spent the past few years building a homemade, steam-powered rocket in his garage.  This Saturday,

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No More Police Officers Posted In Toronto High Schools

The Toronto District School Board voted last night to scrap the practice of having police officers posted in some Toronto high schools. They made the decision after a survey of students, staff and parents found some teens felt intimidated or

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The OSPCA Is Reducing Cat Adoption Fees To Just $25 From Black Friday Through Tuesday

Ontario SPCA Animal Centres across the province are reducing adoption fees on all cats and kittens to $25 starting on Black Friday and continuing to ‘Giving Tuesday’ to help find homes for the many cats and kittens in their care.

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Uber Covered Up A Hack That Stole The Personal Information Of 57 Million Users

More controversy for Uber: We are just finding out that last year hackers stole the personal data including the names, email addresses and phone numbers of 57 million riders, as well as the driver’s license numbers of 600,000 Uber drivers.

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The Government Says HOT Lanes Are Saving Drivers About 10 Minutes Per Trip

It’s been over a year now. How are you liking these new HOT lanes on the highways? If you don’t have a permit, don’t worry. A lot of people don’t. And the Ministry of Transportation says that is intentional. When

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Health Canada Proposes A Series Of Regulations For When Pot Is Legalized

Legalized recreational marijuana is only 6 months away and now Health Canada has rolled out a set of proposed regulations for the sale of the drug. They are proposing cannabis workers get valid security clearances, issued by the minister of

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Check Out The New Pizza Pizza Dessert Item – Made Fresh In Milton

A big deal for a local farm has been announced. Pizza Pizza has chosen Chudleigh’s Farm in Milton / Halton Hills to supply their ‘Apple Crumble Pie’ as the newest Pizza Pizza dessert menu item. Pizza Pizza says they chose

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Study Says: Dog Owners Live Longer

Do you have a dog? If yes, it looks like you’ll live longer! According to the Swedish publication Scientific Reports, dog owners have less risk of having cardiovascular disease. Why is this? Because dogs provide “social support and motivation for physical activity.” 

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President’s Choice Reveals New Subscription-Based Service With PC Mastercard

If you often purchase groceries, cosmetics and food at Loblaws and Shoppers stores,

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Vancouver Driver Had His iPad And Phone strapped To His Steering Wheel

Vancouver Police pulled over a driver last week who had strapped his tablet and phone to his steering wheel.   The officer spotter the driver, wearing earphones, and noticed they were leading straight to the steering wheel, in a homemade car

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Two Pedestrians Killed In Mississauga And Brampton Last Night

Two pedestrians are dead after they were struck by vehicles last night in Mississauga and Brampton. One man was hit near Dixie Rd and Bloor St around 8:45pm. Peel Police say the 41-year old victim was taken to hospital in

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