50 Cent Met With Bellator’s Scott Coker

50 Cent has had his share of fights and battles in his life and had a two hour meeting with Ballator president Scott Coker at a Beverley Hill Hotel that has people talking. 50 said “I’m busy working on something, that’s gonna blow your mind. ” Clearly it’s something Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 thinks is going to be huge and lucrative.  MMA Junkie spoke with Coker and said “I explained to him a lot about our fighter-recruitment system and how we build athletes and sign free agents. He was interested. He had a lot of questions – a lot of good questions.” Coker thinks 50 has “genuine interest” in MMA so I guess only time will tell and see what happens. 50 Cent got inolved in promoting boxing in 2012 then had financial issues and declared bankruptcy.
Story Source: MMAJunkie
Featured Image and post below from Twitter: @50cent


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