You Will Not Believe How Much Money Pokemon Go Has Made

The amount of money that Pokemon GO has officially made as of its two-year launch anniversary is ridiculous.  Released on July 6, 2016, Niantic’s Pokemon GO is still raking in more than $2 million per day from players worldwide.   A new report by SensorTower reveals that Pokemon GO has now reached $1.8 billion in player spending.  Google Play accounts for the 58 percent of Pokemon GO’s revenue, while the App Store makes up the other 42 percent.  And while Pokemon GO is no longer the number one app (a title it held for 74 consecutive days in 2016), it is still, two years later, a top 10 app when ranked by revenue, coming in ninth overall in June 2018 with an estimated $70 million worldwide.

Photo Credit: Niantic – Pokemon Go


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