Wonder Woman And Co. To Join The ‘Flashpoint’ Movie At Warner Bros?


Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” passed another box-office milestone this week, the film crossing the $400 million mark domestically (now the second highest grossing film of the year behind only Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”), and the $800 million mark worldwide! Girl power.


The latter makes it not just the fifth highest earning film of 2017 globally, but the highest grossing live-action film by a female director EVER!  There’s no question the Amazonian warrior is the toast of the DC Extended Universe at this point, so a new report at Forbes comes as little surprise.


The outlet says Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is expected to appear in the upcoming ‘Flashpoint’ film. Rather than serving as a standalone solo feature, the site says the film has become something more akin to a team-up film ala ‘Captain America: Civil War’. In the way that film was effectively ‘Avengers 2.5,’ ‘Flashpoint’ could very well serve as ‘Justice League 1.5’.


Photo courtesy: Warner Bros

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