There Will Be No WayHome Festival In 2018

Organizers say the WayHome Music and Arts Festival will not be held next year. Wayhome was first launched in 2015 in Oro-Medonte. It usually attracts some of the biggest names in music. Yesterday on their website, WayHome organizers said they want to take a break next year but didn’t give any specific reasons why. They just said they want to “re-imagine the festival”.

Here is the statement from WayHome:

A sense of calm comes from a PAUSE. It can be a simple moment to take a much needed breath or an opportunity to reflect, reassess and reimagine. A PAUSE is equal parts necessary & important.

WayHome Music & Arts will be on PAUSE in 2018. THANK YOU for the love & support the community of WayHomies have shown over the last three years. The millions of magical moments we created and shared together will sit in our memory banks to be relived for years to come. This isn’t goodbye, just see you later.



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