Vince Vaughn Arrested For DUI

Vince Vaughn was arrested in California for driving under the influence.  He was driving, with a male passenger when he came across a Police checkpoint at 12:30am Sunday.  They were asked to step out of the car and both Vince and his friend were ‘uncooperative’ say cops. ONce they did cooperate, he was booked and cited for misdemeanor DUI, as well as obstructing an officer. His passenger was booked for obstruction and public intoxication. They both posted bail and were released yesterday? The mug shot seems to indicate that Vince isn’t too worried about the whole thing.

Cops in Manhattan Beach, on the official Facebook Page, say “The purpose of the checkpoint is to promote public safety, increase the awareness of the dangers associated with drinking and driving, and deter impaired driving and unlicensed driving.” 



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