[Video] ‘Wendy’s Nugget Boy’ Makes A Twitter Deal With Ellen

Ellen doesn’t want to lose her Twitter record, clearly. She invited the one person who just might beat her famous ‘Oscar Selfie’ tweet in retweets. His name is Carter Wilkerson and he is very close to hitting the record thanks to his promise from Wendy’s for a year of free nuggets. In a viral tweet, Carter asked Wendy’s what it would take to get free chicken nuggets for life. They told him 18 million. He is now coming close to overtaking Ellen’s record. She has 3.4 Million retweets. He has 3.2 Million at last check. So the talk show host made a deal with her opponent: anyone who retweets his request for nuggets also has to retweet her selfie.






Here’s the Tweet that Carter sent out to Wendy’s…


Image: Ellen/Twitter

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