[Video] Uber Driver Kicks Out Lesbian Couple After They Shared A Kiss

An Uber driver was videotaped on Saturday kicking a lesbian couple out of his vehicle because they shared a brief kiss in the backseat, according to the couple.  Alex Iovine, a 26-year-old advertising consultant, told her story to the New York Daily News on Monday. She said: “I was taking an Uber yesterday afternoon in Manhattan when my driver abruptly pulled over and kicked myself and my girlfriend out of the car. He yelled at us for being disrespectful and inappropriate because we pecked on the lips.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot from above Facebook Video

According to Iovine, she and her girlfriend, 24-year-old Emma Pichl, digitally hailed a ride at around 5pm on Saturday. The couple was leaving Pig Beach in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn where they had just finished celebrating a friend’s birthday party.  Iovine noted that their Uber was actually taking them to a different birthday party in Manhattan’s East Village when the incident occurred.  Iovine also said neither she nor Pichl were drunk when they kissed and that they are both aware of Uber’s rules against having sex in the backseat of driver’s cars and was insistent that absolutely nothing sexual occurred.  She said, “We were sitting on opposite sides of the car.  We leaned in for a peck, and that’s what it was, a legit peck.”  Immediately after exiting the Manhattan Bridge, their driver stopped the car on Canal Street, home of Manhattan’s Chinatown, and told the couple to get out.  In response, Uber refunded the $22 spent on the ride and issued the following statement, “Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we have reached out to the rider regarding her experience.  We are investigating and will take appropriate action.”

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