[Video] Steve Harvey Sent A TV To A Teacher Who Said He’d Never Be On Television

On an episode of Oprah’s Master Class, Harvey says in the 6th grade he had an assignment for what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wanted to be on TV. When she saw what Steve had written, she not only thought it was ridiculous, but even went so far as to call up Steve’s mother to say he had been a smart aleck at school. Instead of getting him in trouble his Dad said ‘Take your paper and put it in your drawer. Every morning when you get up, read your paper. And every night before you go to bed, read your paper.’ That turned into a principle of success for Steve, and as we know, he worked his way up to becoming one of the most successful TV stars in the country.

“Every year when the teacher was living, I used to send her a TV for Christmas, cause I wanted her to see me.”



Story: Oprah

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