[Video] She Proposed At A Canucks Game With A Bouquet Of Doritos

A Vancouver Canucks fan proposed to her boyfriend with a bouquet of Doritos during a hockey game. The Canucks‏ shared a video of the proposal that began when Amanda Mussio’s boyfriend, Brandon Haubrich, selected “at random” to participate in the “Puck Shuffle.” Haubrich selected one of three hockey pucks on a screen in the arena to reveal a message that read “Will you marry me?” “I had no idea,” he told NHL.com. “I was very shocked and surprised. I’m still taking some time to catch my breath. I knew we were coming to the game but I had no idea anything like this was going to happen.” Mussio said she was nervous and anxious as she waited behind a curtain before the proposal, but was ultimately happy with how it all came together. “He was a little bit more excited than I expected him to be, which is awesome, obviously,” she said. “Right in the moment, it just flowed properly and it was perfect.”

Photo Credit: Vancouver Canucks Twitter via UPI

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