[Video] Mayor John Tory Reacts After Raccoon Caught On Video Breaking Into A Raccoon-Proof Green Bin

Mayor Tory says he stands by the effectiveness of Toronto’s ‘animal-resistant’ green bins, despite a video (posted below) that shows a raccoon breaking into one. The video — which has been viewed more than 25,000 times — shows the raccoon turning the latch, lifting the lid, then diving in for a snack. Apparently we didn’t think they knew how to do that. Mayor John Tory says there are more than 450,000 of these bins in the city and the odd one that’s breached is likely because of a loose screw or some other flaw. He joked that it’s best not to share the video too much, in case other raccoons get wind of the break-in technique.

Photo Credit: Graeme Boyce – screenshot from Facebook video.



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