[Video] Man Fakes Peanut Allergy To Propose To Nurse Girlfriend In The Hospital

A man surprised his nurse girlfriend with a very memorable proposal when he was rushed to a hospital with a “peanut allergy” and fell off the stretcher onto one knee to propose.  Thomas Ciancia works as an emergency room nurse with girlfriend Lauren Trulli in Long Branch, New Jersey.  He concocted a plan with his coworkers at the hospital he and his girlfriend worked at to get rushed to the ER with a fake peanut allergy.  “We’re both Emergency Department nurses and this is where we met,” Thomas said after sharing the video.  ‘I set it up with our charge nurse and Elboron Ambulance to have Lauren meet a critical patient in the ambulance bay.  ‘When she saw it was me her heart dropped and she went into ER mode and quickly went inside to get IV’s set up.  She then went to assist me out of the stretcher and that’s when I proposed,” he said. “I wanted to pick a place to do this and this was the place I fell in love with you,” he said while on one knee.  She immediately burst into tears and said, “yes” to loud applause from their colleagues.

Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot

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