[Video] Lead Singer of ‘Lifehouse’ Used The Song “You And Me” To Propose

Lifehouse front-man Jason Wade set a wedding trend without even knowing it and reveals in a recent interview that he actually used the hit song “You And Me” to propose to his now wife.“It was interesting that it was kind of my wedding song…it became a kind of wedding anthem type of song,” the singer told Billboard of the band’s hit “You and Me.” Jason, who married his wife Braeden in 2001, went old school to pop the question. “I knew right away when it was finished being written that I was going to propose to my girlfriend with it — on a cassette tape, funny enough. I’ll never forget proposing to her…So 80’s.” The song was written five years before it was released on the band’s self-titled album in 2005 and has since been featured on television shows, in movies and of course in a lot of weddings. He also added, “I’ve always believed that a song has to mean something to you first if it’s going to mean anything to anybody else.

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