[Video] Large Alligator Found In Hamilton Backyard

Animal Services was dispatched to a Hamilton back yard to capture a 5-foot alligator on Tuesday.  Walter Ertsinian said his daughters, ages 11 and 18, got out of the family’s backyard pool and spotted the alligator wandering around their yard.  “They thought for a moment it was rubber or something for the pool that I had purchased,” Ertsinian wrote in a Facebook post.  The City of Hamilton Animal Services dispatched “Officer Matt” to the scene.  “We’re not sure how this fellow, measuring approximately 5 feet from nose to tail, ended up where he did, but his species is prohibited under the City of Hamilton’s Responsible Animal Ownership By-Law,” Animal Services said.  Ertsinian, who captured video of the alligator’s capture, said he is just as baffled as investigators when it comes to the gator’s origins.  “I even asked my neighbour, hey, do you have an alligator as a pet?” he said.  “She said, ‘yeah, I have three.’  Then I said, ‘wow, really?’  And she said, ‘yeah, no.‘”

Photo Credit: Screenshot – Facebook video by Walter Ertsinian.

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