[Video] Helicopter Catches The Moment A Kayaker Falls Into The Water Near A Great White Shark On Video

A helicopter tour company captured video of the scary moment when a kayaker fell into the water with a great white shark off the California coast.  A video posted to YouTube by Specialized Helicopter Tours shows Giancarlo Thomae falling into the water off the Santa Cruz coast while trying to retrieve his glasses.  The video shows a great white shark investigating Thomae by swimming around him in a wide circle.

Thomae is able to safely make it back to his kayak without any direct confrontation with the predator.  “My glasses fell over and I think I leaned a little too far over and fell in,” Thomae said.  Thomae, a marine biologist, said he didn’t know there was a shark nearby, but he was aware that they were present in the area.  “I saw 15 great whites the day before right in this area from the helicopter — maybe I should calmly and collectively get back on my boat,” Thomae said.

Photo Credit: Specialized Helicopter Tours via YouTube screenshot

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