[Video] A Fan At Britney Spears Concert In Vegas Jumps On Stage And Terrifies Her

Britney Spears had a scare at her Vegas show on Wednesday night when a fan jumped on stage and she was afraid he had a gun. Britney was moved away by security, while other security from the venue and her backup dancers tried to restrain the man who rushed on stage. Britney didn’t realize what was going on at first just behind her and she asked the crowd “You guys having fun?” while the man was on stage.  Her tone immediately changes when security approaches her and she starts to ask questions like, “Is something okay?” and “What’s going on?” before stuttering nervously and saying, “he has a gun?” as her knees buckle in fear. There was no official report of the man actually having had a gun and members of the audience cheered as her dancers and security dragged the man off stage. He didn’t actually get to Britney and after she calmed down backstage she returned to finish the show.

Photo credit: YouTube

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