[Video] Family Wakes Up On Easter Morning To Find A Fox Stole All Their Hidden Eggs

A Virginia family had to deal with a super cute problem on Easter Sunday. Katie and Micah Joffee hid the filled plastic eggs around the outside of their home Saturday night between 10:45pm and 11:00pm. However, the next morning they noticed their eggs had been stolen. “And I look out the front door and I didn’t see anything,” Katie said. “I didn’t see any eggs. We all come outside and there’s about one or two in sight and my husband is mouthing to me somebody took the eggs. Somebody took the eggs. That’s nuts.” The couple said they initially suspected teenagers were behind the Easter morning heist, but they reviewed footage from their security cameras and quickly spotted the culprit. “We spotted the fox taking an egg off one of these little bushes here,” Micah said. “We can only deduct that over time the fox took about 30 eggs.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

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