[Video] Eminem Says “Drake Is Always Going To Be In My Good Graces”

Eminem just released a response to MGK’s “Rap Devil” with a track called “Killshot” and took shots at many people on his new album Kamikaze including Machine Gun Kelly and  Tyler The Creator but he didn’t personally diss Drake. On the track “Lucky You,” Eminem says “I got a couple of mansions/ Still I don’t have any manners/ You got a couple of ghost writers/ But to these kids it don’t actually matter/ They’re askin’ me, ‘What the f**k happened to hip-hop?’/ I said, ‘I don’t have any answers,'”In Part 4 of his interview with Sway Calloway Em said that “Drake is always going to be in my good graces because he did something for one of my daughters that I will never forget. I like Drake.” Em talked about his dislike of ghostwriters and said if he ever needed one he basically would retire and put the mic down mic. As a kid Hip Hop music made him feel good and empowered him. It was the most important thing walking along 8 Mile and made him feel poweful. He also talked about his childhood friend and colleague Proof, the now-disbanded group D12, Joyner Lewis, his hatred of The Grammy Awards, sobriety and how music is his therapy. “I write all the time, whether I use it or not. I write all the time and that’s my best therapy is to be able to get stuff out.” Check out the interview below


Featured Image: Hip Hop 24/7

Video from Youtube: EminemMusic

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