[Video] Caye Featuring Wiz Khalifa “Easy”

Singer/rapper Caye was born in Boston and now resides in LA and released his debut album “Pink Tree Paradie” on May 31st with 11 tracks with various styles including hip-hop and pop, with elements of calypso, reggae and jazz. Caye just dropped the official video for “Easy” featuring Wiz Khlifa and has a pop/r&b summer vibe to it and it’s about a long distance relationship about that one special person who makes life easy. He sings, “Girl you make it look easy/ All these other b***** they just can’t please me/ Ooo, and I love it when you tease me/ Every time you give me that feelin’/ I can never tell if I’m dreamin’.” Caye told Billboard “This is my debut album. It’s really my life experience up until this point. The “paradise” part is that I’m finally not doing anything school-related. I pushed everything aside to focus on my paradise, which is music. It’s what I wanted to do my whole life. As for “pink,” in high school I used to call shit that I thought was dope “pink,” and the “trees” aspect is like, life, you know — weed and everything.  Caye met Wiz a year ago and hit it off with him right away and and big supporter  said “He’s been killing the game for so long and he’s still at it. He’s someone I can look at and see how to shape my career. The best advice he gave was mostly about evolving as an artist. When he was first coming up he was always rapping about girls, money, and weed and now he has all that. That was his motivation. Now, he needs to find other motivations. He told me that he’s been struggling with finding that since he has everything he rapped about earlier on. I think that was really interesting to me. Evolving your motivations. As an artist, you need to want something in order to get people to feel what you’re saying.” In an interview with LA Weekly he said “Working with Wiz was crazy. I grew up listening to him, so having him on my own song was pretty surreal. Being around Wiz for the video shoot, as well as in the studio, was such a good time and I always learn so much from being around him.”

Featured Image from twitter: Simon Chasalow  @caye via La Weekly

Source: Billboard

Video from Youtube: The Caye Life

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