Toronto Firefighter Missing In New York Found Safe In California

This is bizarre. Authorities admit they’re puzzled over how he got there, but a Toronto firefighter who was the subject of an extensive six-day search at an upstate New York ski centre, has been found safe … in California. 49-year old Danny Filippidis disappeared last Wednesday during a ski trip with co-workers at Whiteface Mountain. He phoned his wife yesterday afternoon from California.  She told him to call 911. He was alone when found near Sacramento and still wearing the clothes he’d been skiing in last week. He was taken to hospital because he appeared to be confused and unable to give direct answers. Over 140 people spent (a combined) 7,000 hours searching the mountain terrain. Helicopters and search dogs along with New York State Police, The Department of Homeland Security and volunteer Toronto firefighters also participated in the search effort.

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