Today GTA Police Forces Kick Off Project ERASE To Catch Street Racers

This morning and 11:00am, Toronto Police (in partnership with York Region Police’s Traffic Enforcement Unit and law-enforcement partners from across the GTA) will kick off project E.R.A.S.E. (Eliminate Racing Activity On Streets Everywhere). In a media release, Toronto Police say this is the time of year when modified vehicles begin to appear on the roads. Officers will be targeting drivers who feel they are allowed to use the roads as raceways. The Toronto Police Service and other services from the GTA will be watching for vehicles staging to race, vehicles travelling at excessive rates of speed, and vehicles that do not meet safety standards.

Police remind you to call 911 if you see dangerous-driving practices that could cause injury or loss of life. When contacting police, try to note the vehicle’s location, direction of travel, make, model, licence plate and the driver’s description.

Excessive speed has consistently been the greatest contributing factor in many fatal collisions on our roads. Street racers put themselves and unsuspecting road-users at risk of death or serious injury when they choose to disobey traffic laws, drive without due care and control and with a disregard for public safety. Photo Credit: Barrie Police

E.R.A.S.E. (Eliminate Racing Activity On Streets Everywhere) is an awareness and enforcement campaign operated jointly by police services across Ontario, in partnership with the Government of Ontario, with the goal of eliminating street racing and other high-risk driving behaviour.

Photo Credit: Howard Blau Law


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