Today Is The 20th Anniversary Of Princess Diana’s Passing, Her Sons Celebrated Her Life Yesterday

20 years ago today, Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, life was lost in a car crash in Paris. Yesterday evening, the day before the 20th anniversary of her passing her two sons Prince Harry and Prince William, along with his wife, Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine visited the garden at the palace dedicated to Diana.

The White Garden is the fourth memorial to the popular princess since she passed away. The others are the Diana Memorial Playground, also at Kensington Palace, Hyde Park’s Diana Memorial Fountain and the Diana Memorial Walk at St. James’s Park. The White Garden features several of the late princess’ favorite plants and was inspired by her work, image and style, including her famous white “Elvis” Catherine Walker dress. It has been open since this spring and will remain until September. The garden contains white roses, lilies, gladioli and cosmos flowers. Diana lived a life in the public eye, with every move photographed and scrutinized, and was beloved by many. Upon her death in 1997, a sea of flowers, cards and gifts were left by mourners at the gates of Kensington Palace. And clearly her legacy lives on, because the palace is once again being visited by well-wishers returning to show their love and support with messages, flowers, cards and candles. Princess Diana we miss you!

Photo credit: Mario Testino via Twitter

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