The TV Networks Went On A Tear This Past Week! Is YOUR Favorite Show Safe?! DETAILS INSIDE!

In what many industry insiders are calling a “Network Purge”, the proverbial axe has been hurled directy at serveral of your favorite TV shows, with only two as of this writing, are (possibly) being saved.  Here’s the current network rundown of shows getting the “old yeller” treatment.


In an unexpected decision, Syfy has opted not to renew its critically-acclaimed sci-fi series ‘The Expanse’ for a fourth season, effectively ending the show on the network.  The decision comes as the series is in the midst of airing its third season with the finale to air in July – that rollout will still occur as planned. NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, who produces the series, says the cancellation was an “incredibly difficult decision”.


ABC has cancelled both its Kiefer Sutherland-led political drama ‘Designated Survivor’and its profiler series ‘Quantico’. Designated, which enjoys a lucrative Netflix deal, was expected to return.  Both shows were hits at launch, but have considerably bled viewership in their subsequent seasons. The pair will continue to air through their planned season finales.  Also today FOX has cancelled two supernatural series, the dark remake of ‘The Exorcist’ and the lighter DC Comics adaptation ‘Lucifer’, after two and three seasons respectively.  Also in the wake of disaster, freshman dramas ‘Inhuman’, ‘Deception’,  ‘The Crossing’ and ‘Kevin Probably Saves the World’ after one season each.


CBS has cancelled both its think tank-themed drama procedural series ‘Scorpion’ after four seasons, and its workplace comedy ‘Superior Donuts’ after two seasons. Additionally, NBC has axed its workplace/family comedy ‘Great News’ after two seasons, but has jumped on board and SAVED ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, with actress Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Rosa Diaz on the series, tweeting out NBC has picked up the series for a sixth season. Subsequently, other cast and crew members and the network itself confirmed the news!




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