Taylor Swift Made Her Testimony In Court Against Former Radio DJ

Taylor Swift was in court yesterday giving her testimony on how a former Denver radio DJ allegedly grabbed “on to her a– cheek” during a 2013 meet-and-greet.Taylor is being sued by the former DJ David Mueller who is seeking damages after having been fired from the KYGO radio station in Denver, following her allegations that he groped her during a photo op. She is now counter-suing, saying she was sexually assaulted and seeking a symbolic $1 to prove a point that people “can always say no” and stand up for themselves.  She spoke with confidence and forcefully as she described the incident, calling it “Horrible and shocking. It was a definite grab…a very long grab. It was intentional.  He stayed latched onto my bare a– cheek…I felt him grab onto my a– cheek under my skirt.  He grabbed my a– underneath my skirt.” Swift was adamant that the contact was beneath her skirt, and not over it. She stated, “This is what happened, it happened to me, I know it was him. I’m not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in any way that this is my fault, because it isn’t. I am being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions and not mine.” The picture is below and it’s pretty clear his hand is in a place it shouldn’t be. The court sketch of her from her testimony on the stand is also below, along with David Mueller’s court sketch where he is seen with his hand over his face as Taylor testified.

Photo credit: YouTube via ET

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