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The Stars React To The Death Of Prince

Yesterday Prince passed away at the age of 57. Here is a collection of tweets and posts from various stars reacting to his death: Katy Perry tweeted, “And just like that…the world lost a lot of

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NFL Teams Up With Twitter To Stream Thursday Night Football

In a press release this morning, the NFL announced that it’s joining forces with Twitter to allow streaming of Thursday night football games during the duration of the 2016 season.  The release states, “Twitter will stream the 10 Thursday Night Football games

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[Pics] Guinness Admits They Screwed Up On These St. Paddy’s Day Ads

When you think of Ireland, you’ll probably envisage rolling green hills, shamrocks, Guinness and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. You might also expect a truly Irish brand like Guinness to be able to get an ad for Paddy’s Day correct. However, Toronto subway

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[Video] Cute Little Fox Steels A Golfer’s Wallet

A fox nearly made off with a golfer’s wallet as he and his friends filmed the curious animal on the course. Chris Hargreaves shared video of the thieving fox on Twitter as it rummaged through one of his friend’s golf bags as

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Morning Show Podcast February (3/3)

In the podcast Scott and Kat discuss student debt, The Walking Dead, and selling weed at the LCBO. Jimmy Kimmel does an all new Mean Tweets including celebrities like One Direction, Drake and Lionel Richie. Plus 

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Josh Donaldson Is Staying In Toronto For 2 More Years

Reports say the Blue Jays have finally reached a deal with American League MVP Josh Donaldson. The deal is reportedly for 2-years and worth $29 million dollars US. Donaldson had been scheduled to have a salary arbitration hearing with the

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Burger King Employee Steals All The Nuggets On His Last Day

A Florida man posted a picture online that purports to show a massive amount of chicken nuggets he stole on his last day of working at Burger King. Twitter user @johnalexcorrea posted a pair of pictures to his account showing a large amount

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It Wasn’t Your Connection. Twitter Was Down This Morning

Twitter was only sporadically available this morning after suffering technical problems that lasted more than two hours. Twitter, which has 320 million active users, tweeted that it was aware of the issue and trying to fix it at 3:41am Eastern

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Today is #FeedTO In Support Of Toronto’s Homeless

Hannah Alper, 12-year-old blogger and youth activist, and her father Eric Alper, have partnered with local Toronto restaurant Rancho Relaxo to give back to those in need during this season of giving. Hannah will officially launch the #FeedTO day-long event today at

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Canada’s Most Valuable Tweeter

After polling Twitter users, we have a winner for Canada’s Most Valuable Tweeter for 2015 –

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Too many notifications? There’s an app for that!

Do you feel like you’re getting lost in the notifications from Facebook and Twitter? There’s an app for that! It’s called Notify, launched yesterday. It brings together news, sports, technology and entertainment in one app. You can pick from different

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[Pics] Lindsey Vonn Attacked By Her Own Dogs

Warning: This contains some graphic pictures. Skier Lindsey Vonn needed stitches in her hand after trying to break up a fight between her dogs over a Frisbee.  On Saturday, she described what happened on her Twitter account and then posted a

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Terrence Ross Is Staying With The Raptors

Terrence Ross has signed a contract extension with the Toronto Raptors. He agreed to a multi-year agreement with the team late last night. Ross had until midnight on Monday to sign a deal. If he did not, he would have become

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Slices For Smiles Is Back At Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza is getting ready to serve up some happiness and celebrate National Pizza Month with the return of their annual Slices for Smiles fundraiser. From October 13 – 30, pizza lovers across Canada can purchase a slice of pizza in

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Does The Halloween Whopper Turn Your Poop Green?

Apparently the scariest part of Burger King’s Halloween Whopper doesn’t happen until after you eat it.  Something in the burger’s pitch-black bun turns diners’ poop a ghastly bright green, sometimes for as long as three days.  It is unclear what ingredients

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