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[Video] Little Girl Wishes For a Passing Ship To Toot It’s Horn!

As a kid (or perhaps you still do I won’t judge ) did you ever give the horn signal to a passing vehicle? A little girl asked for a ship to toot it’s horn! Be careful what you wish for!

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[Video] Introducing.. The World’s Largest Cruise Ship!

Introducing Harmony Of The Seas – the world’s largest cruise ship! It’s 1,187 feet long and allows for 6,410 guests (each will receive a GPS wrist tracker so they don’t get lost. No joke!). The ship also has 24 passenger elevators, 16

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Now You Can Send A Fart In A Jar

Now you can send anyone a fart in a jar.  “Send a Jart” will only cost you $10.  They send you a jar, you fart, seal the jar and send. You can send

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Ancient Ship Discovered On Toronto Waterfront

A routine archaeological excavation has uncovered a piece of Toronto history near the city’s old shoreline. The team that dug up remains of a 19th century schooner this week believes it may be one of the oldest

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Now You Can Glitter-Bomb Your Enemies

A new website is gaining traction through social media. It helps you ship glitter to people you hate.  ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com went viral on Tuesday thanks to a Reddit post.  The Sydney-based site promises to mail glitter

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