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[Pics] Lincoln Unveils The New Navigator – It’s Amazing!

A complete redesign is coming to the Navigator SUV. They unveiled the concept version at the New York International Auto Show and it looks like a lounge on wheels. The Navigator will drop some weight, helping fuel economy, but will

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[Pics] Red Lobster Memes Are Taking Over Social Media Thanks To Beyonce

When Beyonce gives you a shout out you had better be ready.  So when her new song Formation mentioned Red Lobster, everyone waited to see how the restaurant chain would react to such an honor.  And waited.  After eight hours, the firm

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Check Out Pizza Hut’s Special Super Bowl Pizza

Pizza Hut has announced it is celebrating the “Golden Anniversary” of the Super Bowl by giving away special pizzas topped with $100 worth of edible gold.  The Golden Garlic Knots Pizzas, topped with about $100 worth of edible 24-karat gold,

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[Pics] Brendon Williams’ Boudoir Photos Off And Now Back On Facebook

Boudoir photos from Brendon Williams Victoria, BC, intended as a birthday gift for his wife, were removed from Facebook for allegedly violating their terms of service. The photos quickly went viral, accumulating around 7 million views before the site had them

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The Breastfeeding Santa Pic Has Gone Viral

A Niagara woman is taking criticism online after she shared an image of herself breastfeeding her baby son while sitting on Santa’s lap at a local shopping center.  Rebecca Dunbar, 40, said that one of her year-old twins began fussing

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How To Add A Lightsaber To Your Facebook Profile Pic

Star Wars fans can now add a lightsaber to their Facebook profile picture.  You can choose a blue Jedi lightsaber or become a Sith with a red version.  The profile picture can be adjusted so the lightsaber doesn’t obscure the image

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[Pics] Top 5 Most Liked Instagram Posts Of The Year

Instagram has released the most liked photos on its platform for the year, and female celebrities are behind each and every one! In fact, Taylor Swift has

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[Pics] Gordon Ramsay’s New Vacation Home

Just a few months after spending $6.6 million on a luxurious new vacation home, chef Gordon Ramsay wants to knock it down to build an even bigger and better place.  Ramsay has submitted plans to bulldoze the 1920’s retreat he bought in

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[Pics] NFL Network Accidentally Aired Naked Bengals players

The NFL Network accidentally showed naked Cincinnati Bengals players during a postgame locker room interview with the team’s defensive back Adam Jones this past Sunday. The reporter, Albert Breer — who, like many of his football colleagues, is accustomed to locker room nudity —

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Fourth Victim Dies After Friday’s 401 Accident

Police say a fourth person has died after that massive crash on the 401 in Whitby on Friday night. A 10-year-old boy died in hospital Sunday as a result of injuries from the 20-vehicle collision. They say a man, woman

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Tallywackers Is Like Hooters, But With Men

For men, there is Hooters. For women, now there is a restaurant called Tallywackers.  It’s an all-male server restaurant that opened in Dallas over the weekend with good-looking guys serving

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[Pics] This Condo Just Sold For $95 Million

A Saudi real estate magnate is reportedly under contract to purchase the second-most expensive condo in New York City, for the price of $95 million.  The towering unit, located at 432 Park Ave. in Midtown Manhattan — the tallest

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[Pics] Batmobile Back On Set Of Suicide Squad

Yonge Street will be closed again tonight and Wednesday night downtown Toronto for the filming of Suicide Squad. The closure will effect the longest street in the world between College and Queen. Suicide Squad is now officially the

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Waitress Prints Racial Slur On Customer's Receipt

A New Orleans restaurant says an employee has been fired after a customer discovered a racial slur and “100% dislike” written on her receipt.  Liryca Neville Branch discovered the slur and the “dislike” comment Thursday

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[Pics] So Angry He Got Completely Naked At The Airport

Travelers at North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport said a man stripped naked in the concourse because he was mad about an overbooked flight.  Witnesses said the man became angry when he was

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