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Ryan Gosling Lattes, Anyone?

Next time you’re in West Hollywood and need a little Ryan Gosling in your life, while getting your coffee fix – this might be your new favourite spot. A coffee place on Melrose uses a machine called ‘the Ripple Maker’

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Starbucks Is Being Sued Because The Lattes Are Smaller Than The Menu Claims

Two California residents have filed a lawsuit against Starbucks claiming the lattes are 25 percent smaller than what the menu actually says.  Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin Robles have accused Starbucks of knowingly engaging in false advertising and committing fraud. The lawsuit

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Starbucks Introduces 3 New Valentine’s Day Drinks

Starbucks customers will fall in love with some new drinks this Valentine’s Day.  Yesterday they introduced a trio of new Molten Chocolate drinks for February 14.  There’s the Molten Chocolate Latte, what Starbucks describes as “chocolaty chips…melted into espresso, then topped

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Pumpkin Spice Hair Is A Thing

It seems there’s pumpkin spice everything these days, amiright?! The newest thing to get the pumpkin spice treatment is…….hair. It’s a new trend which involves dyeing your hair a deep, rich copper. Would you?

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Starbucks Introduces A New Latte

Move over, Pumpkin Spice.. There’s a new latte in town. It’s the Toasted Graham Latte – Starbucks’ first new fall flavor in four years. So what can you expect? Sweet cream and graham mix with steamed milk and espresso, topped with cinnamon

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Starbucks Is Testing A Beer Flavoured Latte

There is something new on the menu at some Starbucks locations. It’s a beer flavored coffee. The new “Dark Barrel Latte” is topped with whipped cream and a dark caramel sauce and flavored coffee syrup that is designed

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Starbuck's "Tweet-A-Coffee"

Starbucks has now released the details of how their “Tweet-A-Coffee” program works. To buy someone a coffee on Twitter you simply go to the Starbucks site, log in or create a new account, enter the Twitter handle of the person

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Yes, There Is Milk In This

A petition on Change.org is complaining that Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte contains dairy and there is no vegan option is available. “Many people are shocked to hear that the mix contains condensed milk because there’s no way anyone would

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Introducing The New Starbucks Home Coffee Maker

Starbucks is releasing a home coffee machine that promises to give you a real Starbucks experience in your own kitchen. Lattes, Americanos, filter coffee and espresso shots are all possible

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