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Western Student Breaks The Beer Mile World Record

Canadian Lewis Kent broke his own world record for running the “Beer Mile” and then announced a shoe deal with Brooks.  The 22-year-old University of Western Ontario student achieved a new record in the beer mile, which involves running a mile

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[Video] Jennifer Aniston’s New Emirates Commercial

Jennifer Aniston has signed a lucrative deal to promote Emirates airlines. It’s worth an estimated $5 million, according to Page Six. Emirates is based in Dubai and is the world’s biggest international carrier. Aniston will appear across TV and print ads

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Rafael Nadal’s French Open Watch Is Worth $775,000

Rafael Nadal is a very finicky person.  The Spanish tennis pro needs everything just so, from his pre-serve approach to his water bottle’s general alignment with the stars.  If it can be

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CNN Commentators Caught Using iPads Instead Of Surface Pro 3

While Americans were watching the midterm election results come in on Tuesday night, commentators on CNN were doing a terrible job pretending to be big fans of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Microsoft gave

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