Is Superman Coming To Toronto? The Answer Is…POSSIBLY!


A new rumor has surfaced in the past few days indicating that actor Henry Cavill will make his next appearance as Superman in the upcoming ‘Shazam!’ film at Warner Bros. Pictures.


‘Shazam’ apparently WON’T feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam, Shazam’s main villain in the comics due to the character getting his own solo film first.  Johnson previously indicated he spoke to Cavill regarding a possible cameo.  However with the ‘Black Adam’ solo movie on the back-burner, a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel years off, and Black Adam rumored as the potential antagonist of the planned ‘Suicide Squad sequel, Cavill isn’t slated to reprise his Superman role for a fourth time anytime in the near future.


That would change if this report turns out to be true as ‘Shazam’ is getting ready to start filming next month here in Toronto, with speculation being Cavill’s Superman will be involved in a possible flashback sequence involving the teen Billy Batson who becomes the adult Shazam.


The movie opens April 2019.

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