How to Spot A Problem… Before You Speak

We all have tinder…. Bumble… Or some type of meetup/dating app.

You know the drill… Swipe right if you’re interested… Or left if you’re not.

We all have horrible relationship stories, and I’m sure we have some pretty crazy Tinder stories too.  However, to avoid those crazy stories here is a online dating PRO’s tips.

This match maker says……

  1. Profile Picture….. This picture should clearly describe who you are. This means you should be looking for who is in the picture, and what they are doing in the picture.  If he is wearing a shirt that says “I love Satan” … You should probably swipe left.
  2. Stupid Usernames…. Definitely swipe left on “HotAndYoungGuy1” or “WellHung69”.  Unless you’re looking for just a hookup…. Then definitely swipe right.
  3. The BIO…. So they passed test 1 and 2?  Cool.  Were getting somewhere. Do they have a bio?  If it’s blank you should probably pass.  How can you bother with someone who can’t bother with themselves. Also.. Be sure to check grammar and spelling.  This shows signs of education and laziness.
  4. Messaging…. So if you get to this part, we assume things are good.  One last flag to make sure you want to meet up with this person is, make sure they don’t go “ghost”.  If they disappear or ignore you for weeks at a time.  Move on with ya life!  If they’re worth it, they’ll make the effort.

Happy Dating!


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