Spider-Man Soars WELL Above Expectations This Opening Weekend!


Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ acclaimed “Spider-Man: Homecoming” opened to a stunning $50.5 million on Friday (including $15.4 million in Thursday previews!) with estimates now giving it a projected $120-125 million weekend domestically.


That’s faaaaaaaarrrr and above the $80 million estimate put out by the studio last week and even the $105 million that was being suggest by rival studios around the same time.


If the new estimate holds, it will be the third-best domestic opening of the year to date behind only ‘Beauty and the Beast’ ($174.8 million) and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ ($146.5 million). The film also pulled in an ‘A’ Cinema Score from audiences, the best grade of the franchises’ history!  Needless to say, the sequel plans are already WELL underway as we speak.


Photo courtesy: Marvel Studios, Sony

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