Someone Placed Live Crabs On The Seats Of A TTC Train

Calling it a “shellfish” act, the TTC has posted a picture on Facebook showing live crabs sitting on seats on a subway car. Apparently a man placed four crabs on the seats around him on the crowded train. TTC spokesman Brad Ross says the transit agency doesn’t know exactly when the incident occurred, but says “crabs belong in buckets not on TTC seats.”  He told CityNews he was aware of the incident and reminded riders to abide by the rules. “Crabs are not permitted on seats, even if they’re accompanied by hot drawn butter and a bib,” he said. “And unless a crab is a service crab or emotional support crab, and we’re doubtful that is the case here, they must be contained in a sealed carrier at all times.”

Photo Credit: Alice Moran via Twitter

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