Shelburne Police Warn Citizens Not to Touch Any Needles if Found in Town

In light of the recent incidents of citizens finding discarded needles in the Town of Shelburne, the Shelburne Police Service are hoping that through the power of social media, traditional media, and word of mouth that this message will reach the person or persons responsible.

The vast majority of needles reported to or located by Shelburne Police Service were recapped.  Some needles were from garbage bags that appear to have been ripped open by an animal and some were located by Town Works staff in park garbage cans.  Needles were also located along streets, sidewalks, alley ways and in the spill ways from the storm sewers.  Last week a young child found one of these capped needles on a path near a park and suffered a needle stick.

Although it is not illegal to possess syringes, it is negligent to throw them on the side of a road, into storm sewers, or even into garbage cans. There are proper resources to help with needle disposal, such as sharps containers.  Any pharmacy in Shelburne will accept used syringes for free with no questions asked.  Any pharmacy in Shelburne will also provide a sharps container to take home for free with no questions asked.

Shelburne Police Service encourages everyone to discuss the importance of safe disposal of needles with their families, co-workers, friends, neighbours, as well as, through social media to help get the message to the person or people who are responsible for these needles in town.

The Shelburne Police Service would like to assure the residents of Shelburne that, while the discarded syringes can be indicative of illegal drug activity, by no means is Shelburne ground zero for the opioid crisis.  Media Relations Officer PC Jennifer Roach says “We are working hard to ensure that the person or persons involved understand that there are better and safer options for sharps disposal.  We are asking that anyone with information about this matter reaches out to the Shelburne police at (519) 925-3312 X1; if that is uncomfortable for them, then they can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS to report anonymously.”

Chief of Police Kent Moore understands the public concern about this issue and urges people to use that passion to educate their children about the dangers of drugs and what to do if they find a syringe.  “Please tell your kids not touch any needles or syringes that they may find.  Have them tell an adult.  Please contact the Shelburne police at (519) 925-3312X1 to dispose of the sharps safely”.  Chief Moore also wants the citizens of Shelburne to know that “Our officers are working very hard to have their presence known on the streets and to connect vulnerable people with right resources.  Officers are out at all hours of the day and night doing foot patrol and are on the lookout for discarded needles”.

If anyone has any information about this or any other incident please contact the Shelburne Police Service at (519) 925-3312 X1 or call Crime Stoppers to report anonymously at 1 -800-222- TIPS.

Photo Credit: Shelburne Police

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