Sharon Osbourne Apologizes To Justin Bieber On The Talk

It’s never to late to say you’re sorry right? Sharon Osbourne apologized to Justin Bieber on “The Talk” expressing regret for bashing him over the years. Osbourne admitted “A few years ago when he first started to act up, I thought it was because he was a precocious kid who had huge success, wasn’t ready for it, and obviously wasn’t listening to his advisers. And I was wrong. I should never have attacked anyone at that age, verbally, and made the comments that I made. So I made a huge mistake not knowing the circumstances that were going on in his life” Aisha Tyler said “I think it’s really the mark of a mature, fully-formed person to say, ‘Hey, I see that that was a mistake, and I take responsibility for it, You always own your stuff. It’s something I admire about you so much. A lot of people will lie, and they’ll cover, and they’ll backtrack and they’ll blame other people, and it’s nice that he’s not doing that either. I think owning your mistakes is a sign of maturity, and it’s both a sign of growth, and it helps you grow.” Bieber posted a heartfelt message on Instagram last Wednesday explaining to his fans about his grateful journey with everybody and why he decided to cancel the rest of his “Purpose” tour.

Statement from Justin Bieber via Instagram

Video courtesy of The Talk on YouTube

Featured Image from CBS



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