Season 7 Of ‘Suits’ Premieres Tonight, Show Creator Says There’s ‘A lot That Happens’ With Harvey And Donna This Season

Suits is back TONIGHT! Finally. In an interview with TV Guide, the show’s creator Aaron Korsh said there will be a lot of Donna and Harvey this season. YES! Korsh said, “I think Donna wants more on more than one level but she’s not sure what more she’s going to get, what more she’s going to pursue.” He also teased what we can expect from season 7, in terms of Darvey (yes, Darvey!): “Other things emerge as the season goes and I feel like there is a lot that happens over the course of the season in the realm of Donna and Harvey. I never know how the fans are going to react, but I think there’s a lot there for the fans.” Sounds like it’s going to be a HOT season!


Photo: Shane Mahood/USA Network via US Weekly

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