Rules To Sharing Maple Leaf Square And Jurassic Park

MLSE sent out a release explaining the rules to sharing Maple Leaf Square and Jurassic Park on days either Raptors and Maple Leafs play at home, on the road, or when both play – home games take precedent, of course, but if both teams are away, it’ll be a joint fan party.

From the release:

  • From game to game, Air Canada Centre will become a playoff hub for whichever team is playing at home. If the Leafs or Raptors are playing within the arena, the tailgate party in Maple Leaf Square will also be dedicated exclusively to that team

  • Both the Leafs and Raptors will host tailgate parties for away games, provided the other team is not playing a home game at the same time

  • If both teams play on the same day at different times, Maple Leaf Square will transition from one team’s tailgate party to the other after the first game of the day has concluded

  • If both teams play away games on the same day, at the same time, the Bremner Board will feature a split screen broadcast with both games shown simultaneously

  • If two games are being shown, Maple Leaf Square will also feature additional, smaller support screens

Basically, if there’s a home game going on, that’s the party. If there’s an away game and no home game, that’s the party. If both teams are playing away games, it’s a double-party.

The only issue that has come up so far is the split-screen situation when both team play away on the same night. Enjoy Toronto Playoffs!

Photo Credit: Narcity/David Cooper

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