Rotten Tomatoes Adds Up All The Damage Caused In Dwayne Johnson Movies

We all know that if you are watching a Dwayne Johnson movie, you are in for some danger and destruction. That being said, Rotten Tomatoes decided to take a look at the damage. The result? $12 trillion in total losses over the course of 22 movies.


The study took into account everything from the loss of real estate that comes with entire cities being destroyed to the cost of new drywall and bullets blindly fired out of a chain gun. The most extensive losses came from the destruction of London in G.I. Joe: Retaliation— an estimated $2 trillion incident— but he only managed to do $18,000 of damage in the most recent Jumanji movie. The Rotten Tomatoes team did an incredible amount of research to put together their findings.


$2 trillion. G.I. Joe: Retaliation: London is destroyed. This is the highest because not much can be salvaged.

$1 trillion. San Andreas: Los Angeles destroyed by earthquake! The 2011 earthquake in Japan caused $300 billion in damage. No skyscrapers fell in that tragedy, and it happened 231 miles outside of Tokyo. The damage bill for Los Angeles was adjusted upward accordingly.

$950 billion. San Andreas: San Francisco destroyed by earthquake!

$945 billion. San Andreas: Tsunami wipes out the rest of San Francisco. SF was wrecked during the earthquake, but the tsunami finished everything off.

$150 billion. Rampage: Space station blows up!

$15 billion. Rampage: Energyne skyscraper (Willis Tower) in Chicago falls. The building falls onto another, damaging other buildings, bridges, roads, and cars.

$10 billion. Doom: Mars facility gets hit with a BFG-esque grenade.

$2.5 billion. The Fate of the Furious: Nuclear submarine blows up!

$2.1 billion. G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Seven Zeus satellites explode in space at $300 million each!

$750 million. San Andreas: The Hoover Dam splits open.


Image: The Rock/Trailer
All Info: RT

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