Rihanna 777 Tour – Day 4

The Stockholm show was very late. The day began with an overnight flight from Toronto, which got to Stockholm at 2pm local time. The sun was setting as

the plane arrived. There was a lot of waiting once we arrived because of a major fail in taking baggage off the plane. In the end, a luggage train dropped all of the bags outside the terminal and everyone had to find their own bags and load them on the bus.
It was a 40 minute drive from the airport to the hotel in downtown Stockholm. We had 2 hours to rest, shower, eat, and get to the lobby to catch the bus to the concert venue.
The concert started very late. It was after 11pm local time. The set was basically the same as the previous 2 shows. All of the rumours about Chris Brown appearing turned out to be untrue. He was not there.
Stockholm was the first show where there was an after-party. It was in the basement of the venue. Avicii was there and Rihanna worked the bar pouring drinks for all of us. It was very cool.
The next stop is Paris. The rumour on the media bus is that David Guetta will be at the show. Details tomorrow.

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