Reports Say Russia Has Compromising Financial And Personal Dirt On Donald Trump

Later this morning President-elect Donald Trump is going to give his first full news conference in months. This could be really interesting because leaked documents have suggested Trump has deeper ties to Russia than originally thought. The Russians may also have some dirt on Trump. CNN is reporting on bombshell classified documents presented to Donald Trump and President Obama last week.  The intelligence documents allege that Russian operatives have—or at least claim to have—compromising information, both financial and personal, on the president elect.



The documents have been circulating since before the election—Mother Jones  reported on them in October—and took on “a kind of legendary status among journalists, lawmakers, and intelligence officials,” according to BuzzFeed.  US intelligence officials have now investigated the former British intelligence operative behind a lot of the information, as well his sources, and determined them to be credible.  The FBI is investigating, and intelligence agencies want Trump to know that these allegations are out there.  The documents claim Russia has been “cultivating, supporting, and assisting” Trump for years.  They state Trump surrogates and Russian government intermediaries met continuously to exchange information during the campaign and that Trump accepted intelligence on political rivals from the Kremlin.  The documents also state that Russian operatives claim to have enough dirt to blackmail Trump, including “perverted sexual acts” recorded by Russian intelligence.  None of the allegations have been proven.


Photo Credit: Carlo Allegri / Reuters

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