Radio Stations Facing Huge Backlash For Banning ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

Radio stations across North America and their listeners continue to debate what should be done about the 1944 Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”  The tune made headlines this holiday season when Cleveland radio station WDOK announced it would cease playing the song after some listeners complained its lyrics hadn’t aged well amid the #MeToo movement.  Now multiple radio stations are beginning to follow suit, with mixed reactions from listeners.   A station in San Francisco, 96.5 KOIT, banned “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on Monday, citing the Cleveland station’s decision as well as feedback from its own listeners. However, the decision was met with uproar, and now the station is allowing listeners to vote on the fate of the song via a poll on its website through Dec. 10.  According to 96.5 KOIT’s website, the ban was met with “hundreds of comments on social media and via email demanding that ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ be placed back to the Christmas Playlist.”  Meanwhile, KOSI 101.1 in Colorado, marketed as “Denver’s Holiday Station,” originally pulled the song due to listener complaints but has since reversed its decision.  According to a press release from the station Tuesday, a poll with over 15,000 responses found listeners to be overwhelmingly in support of the song.   The debate also continues here in Canada, where multiple radio broadcasters have pulled the song from their holiday lineups.  Nicola Makoway, a representative for CBC Radio, said the song would be officially removed Tuesday at midnight with “no plans to play it going forward.”   Meanwhile in Cleveland where the controversy began, WDOK said a poll on its website showed a majority of listeners supported the ban when the decision to retire the song was made.  A poll on the WDOK Facebook page now shows overwhelming support to bring the song back.

Photo Credit: Neptune’s Daughter / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer via YouTube screenshot

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