Police Warning Businesses About Fraud Involving Mobile Payment Phone Apps

Orangeville Police are warning local businesses to be vigilant when point-of-sale transactions are completed using ‘mobile payment phone apps’. Recently a number of businesses were victimized by fraudsters who made purchases with stolen credit card information. The transactions were completed using smart phone mobile payment apps with point-of-sale (POS) equipment. An actual credit card was not presented to store staff members.

During the transactions there appeared to be a glitch with the technology. The POS pin pad was turned over to the customer and a credit card number was entered manually. The transactions were completed and the customer left the store. The businesses involved were later notified that the transactions were indeed fraudulent.

Businesses are being advised to seek advice from their financial institutions and point-of-sale equipment providers regarding best practices to safeguard against these types of frauds. Any other businesses who suspect that they may have been the victims of this type of fraud are encouraged to contact police

Photo Credit: Orangeville Police – Logo


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