[Pics] A Farmer Has Created A Princess Leia Corn Maze

An Indiana farmer has planted a Princess Leia-shaped corn maze in honour of the late actress Carrie Fisher.  It opened at Goebel Farms in Evansville, Indiana, over the weekend and outlines the face (and iconic hairdo) of the Star Wars character and reads “Carrie Fisher RIP 1956-2016.”  The maze even caught the attention of Fisher’s brother, Todd, who tweeted the photo calling it “a very cool tribute.”  Carrie, who played the character in the Star Wars saga, died suddenly in late December at 60.  The maze was designed by Jeremy Goebel in February and planted this spring using a GPS device.  Goebel said: “I’ve always been a Star Wars fan and I just wanted to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher.

Photo Credits: Goebel Farms via Nerdist

carrie corn maze 2

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