[PICS] Could The UFC Strip Conor Of His 145 Title Amidst ‘Time Off’ Talk?



Conor McGregor is on top of the world right now having become the first athlete in UFC history to hold two championships in two different weight classes simultaneously, but that title could soon be a thing of the past. ┬áThe UFC has a clause in their contracts that pertains to ‘inactivity’ with their championship titles. McGregor has been adamant that he plans to defend both belts, but the UFC doesn’t see that happening, considering the difficulty in Conor cutting weight to reach the 145 pound limit in the past.


Now comes added difficulty having had to put on even more weight to make the 170 pound mark for his two-fight trek at welterweight to face Nate Diaz, it could be even harder on the Irishman’s body to get to featherweight.




And if that wasn’t enough, Conor’s long-time girlfriend, Dee Devlin is expecting a child this coming May, prompting speculation that McGregor might take up to a year off to start his family. Having held up the 145 pound division for a year, the UFC is in all likely-hood, going to strip Conor of that belt in the very near future. Especially if the one-year layoff turns out to be true.


Photo credit: Zuffa, Getty Images, Heavy.com

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