[PIC] FIRST LOOK at Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard as ‘Ritchie Tozier’ In Stephen King’s IT


The new story deals with a shape-shifting monster who preys on children, and a group of you friends tasked with putting an end to its ancient reign of terror. This first of two planned films follows their first encounter with the creature, whose default form is ‘Pennywise the Clown’, the second will be set in contemporary times with the now grown kids coming together once more.


Andy Muschetti helms the new film which is slated to open in the Fall, with hopefully a first-look teaser trailer in the coming months.  I had the (sneaky) pleasure of finding myself on the infamous ‘sewer-maze’ set while shooting on the second season of The Expanse at Pinewood Toronto Studios, and it’s terrifyingly epic!  Can’t wait!


Photo courtesy: Geek Tyrant, Entertainment Weekly

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