[PHOTO] Jon Lithgow Joins ‘Pet Semetary’ At Paramount Pictures!


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that veteran actor John Lithgow will play the kindly but lonely country neighbor Jud Crandall in the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ for Paramount Pictures.


Jason Clarke stars as a husband and father who has moved into a new home by a busy highway with his family, and befriends Jud who tells him about a peculiar pet burial ground and an even stranger place that lies beyond it.  Fred Gwynne played the Jud character in the original 1989 film adaptation.  This is in line with several other King works being remade in the same vein as last years breakout hit, ‘It’.


‘Pet Sematary’ will hit theaters in 2019!


Photo courtesy: iHorror, Paramount Pictures

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