People Are Pissed At Rich Instagram Kid For Polishing A $2 Million Maserati With A Puppy

A presumably wealthy Instagrammer is getting completely blasted after she buffed an extremely rare Maserati with a puppy. Even her caption is terrible! Here’s the original video:

Instagram user M6YA can be heard laughing in the above video as she wipes a tiny dog on the hood of a Maserati MC12, an Italian supercar that can reportedly fetch up to $2 million.

This isn’t the first time she’s posted cars and pics:

Despite the “no puppy was harmed” disclaimer, Instagram users have lit her up in the comments section.

One angered viewer said, “Seriously… not funny! whats wrong with you?” while another said, “Keep the car. I’ll take the dog…and treat it right.”

Photo Credit:  Instagram/richkidslondon

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