Patty Jenkins Signs On To Direct Wonder Woman Sequel And Will Make Millions

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins is The Multi Million Dollar Woman! The blockbuster movie grossed $409 million at the domestic box office and $816 million worldwide and the seventh biggest film of the year thus far. The film set several box office records, including becoming the highest-grossing film directed by a woman, the biggest domestic opening for a film directed by a woman, the highest-grossing superhero origin film domestically, the largest opening for a female-led comic book film. With impressive numbers like that it’s no surprise Jenkins inked a deal to direct the sequel starring Gal Gadot slated to be released December 13, 2019. Variety reported that Jenkins was working on a script with Geoff Johns who over sees the DC Film universe with Jon Berg for Warner Bros. Johns said  “The goal is to make another great ‘Wonder Woman’ film.” No official numbers were released but sources say it’s in the $8 million dollar range to write, direct and produce the movie making Jenkins the highest paid female director of all time. A substantial backend of box office grosses is also included in the contract.

Source: Variety

Photo: Warner Bros



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