The Outback Steakhouse’s New Bloomin Onion Has Over 3,000 Calories

Outback Steakhouse has managed to take its already incredibly caloric Bloomin’ Onion and pack it with even more calories, bringing the grand total to 3,080. Just last year, Outback upgraded its classic dish, offering the Loaded Bloomin’ Onion with a whopping 1,954 calories and 155 grams of fat. And now they’ve taken it a step — and about a thousand calories — further, introducing the Three-Point Bloomin’ Onion, which clocks in at over 3,000 calories. Outback says the dish is meant to serve six people, though the original is too — and plenty of customers have been known to order it for just one or two people. Starting with the traditional fried onion, the new version is topped with cheese fries and a pile of cubed steak. It’s also served with spicy sauce, and is an upgraded version of the specialty item offered last year. The special appetizer is only available through April 4 and was introduced as a March Madness promotion.

Photo Credit: Outback Steakhouse


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