Orangeville Launches New Power Meter Lending Program to Monitor Electricity Usage

The Orangeville Sustainability Action Team and the Orangeville Public Library have launched a new power meter lending program. Kill-A-Watt electricity usage meters are now available for loan to library members. The program offers a simple and expense-free way for residents to better understand their home’s energy usage.

The Kill-A-Watt meter is easy to use. It plugs into any standard home electrical outlet and then the appliance or electronic device is plugged directly into the meter. The meter provides real-time feedback on electricity consumption to help manage electricity costs. It can assist with identifying appliances that draw a lot of power or electronics that have “phantom loads,” meaning they consume energy even when they are turned off (DVD player, laptop, video games, stereos, etc.).

“We know Orangeville residents are concerned about their energy costs,” says Councillor Sylvia Bradley, chair of OSAT and a member of the Orangeville Public Library Board. “Working together, OSAT and the Orangeville Public Library are offering the new power meter lending program as a way for residents to obtain information quickly to assist with managing energy consumption.”

Library members can borrow an energy meter by stopping in to the Mill Street Library or by placing a hold for pick-up through OPL’s online catalogue. A power meter kit can be borrowed from the library for up to four weeks. Each kit will include instructions on how to use the meter and a form to record your power readings. As a bonus, OSAT will reward the first 50 program participants with two free LED light bulbs.

Orangeville Hydro has donated the five Kill-A-Watt meters for this program. Orangeville Public Library membership cards are available, at no charge, for Orangeville taxpayers, businesses and residents. All you need to sign up for a membership is ID with your home or business address on it. The process is quick and simple; just drop into the library.

Photo Credit: Town of Orangeville

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